A 2D top down shooter where you must fight your way through hordes of skeletons to escape 'The Cave'.

Made with the aid of Blackthornprod's amazing Udemy course.

Artist: Ariana Dahlenburg a 17 year old

Coder: Zachary Mckenzie a 12 year old


MinorBuildV4.zip 20 MB
BuildV2.zip 17 MB
Build.zip 8 MB

Development log


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Hey, just wanted to say that I found your game from a comment on a Brackeys video for Tower Defense. This is pretty fun to play, I hope you are still working on game development to this day! Cheers!

Feel free to check out my projects and leave a comment as well!

Thanks! I am no longer developing this game though, I've moved onto different ideas. I might come back to it some other time. (The reason I stopped was because my artist disappeared (but that's ok, I wasn't paying her))  What was the brackeys video you saw the comment in? And would you download a mobile game if I posted it here on itch?

The cursor in the menu is too big, if I set the volume to 0, then go to shop and back, the volume is back to max, sound effects are too loud and the "story" is pretty awkward. Otherwise it's good

Thanks for your feedback Aklom.

I hope you guys enjoy the game! If you have any feedback please tell me and I will use your input in the next update.